Welcome to my site dedicated
to the adorable world of Blythe!

It features my favorite pictures of my own Blythes - standard and fully customized with new faces and clothes, with shots taken from trips around Japan! There are also pictures of the Blythe events I've been to in Japan.

I have also listed out the Neo-Blythe series in release order by year/month from 2001 through to 2013, in both Japanese and English, which will hopefully be a useful database for collectors.

Special Event
May 30-June 4 2014
2011 Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
Ginza & Shinjuku Displays!
February & June 2014
May 2015
Workshop - May 2015
Please contact me if you would like to see a full picture list of Kimonos on sale at present.
You can also order fully customized Wedding Kimono dolls, Japanese style - Shiromuku, and European style.

We also have a Blythe In Japan original custom carry bags on the way to be released very soon.
It will fit two dolls and have pockets for all clothing and bits you need to carry around to take her on your trips.

As a hobby, I specialize in custom painting pictures of Blythe too, so please check out my paintings - and if you would like me to paint your favorite Blythe, let me know.

Tokyo -  Mar 2018