Welcome to my site dedicated 
to the adorable world of Blythe!

It features my favorite pictures of my own Blythes - standard and fully customized with new faces and clothes, with shots taken from trips around Japan! There are also pictures of the Blythe events I've been to in Japan. 

I have also listed out the Neo-Blythe series in release order by year/month from 2001 through to 2013, in both Japanese and English, which will hopefully be a useful database for collectors.

Special Event
May 30-June 4 2014
2011 Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
Ginza & Shinjuku Displays!
February & June 2014
May 2015
Workshop - May 2015
Please contact me if you would like to see a full picture list of Kimonos on sale at present. 
You can also order fully customized Wedding Kimono dolls, Japanese style - Shiromuku, and European style. 

As a hobby, I specialize in custom painting pictures of Blythe too, so please check out my paintings - and if you would like me to paint your favorite Blythe, let me know.

Tokyo -  Jan 2018